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JIYUN Cattery Order description
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  JIYUN Cattery Order description

Welcome to JiYun cattery official website. My name is yu dongjian. If you are interested in buying a cat baby, Please read the instructions carefully, Dont be impulsive buy cat,They are alive, like children, To prepare for the absolute responsibility and love to treat them,Please communicate with us sincerely, do not casually bargain, please respect each other, high-quality baby price is not cheap, please in the economic circumstances allow, intended to buy their own love baby, I wish you can buy to the satisfaction of the baby!

Ⅱ、Understanding - order:
You can call 13897983083, the micro channel QQ375682465 or personally visit the cat, to understand and Book baby cat, we will provide a cat photos on the site, you can also through the micro channel QQ to us to ask for your cats life photos and video, so you further observation and solution, you can tell us you want the baby cat standard, cat standard pet level, breeding level, race three, we will not be vaccinated before the first needle!

Ⅲ、Price - Deposit - Balance
You can give each kitten in the price of cats after 60 days, the price level, in accordance with the pet breeding level, the level of distinction, predict the kitten price, you can contact us about the delivery of the deposit in the negotiated price, deposit, for a 20%, then signed the purchase contract, if it is in the field of the parents. We can scan after the signing of the contract will be sent to you, you will be in print after the signing of contract scanning back to us. When the kittens have homes conditions, we will call you to discuss when to bring the cats to a new home, to be determined after the cat hair, you will need the rest of the money paid, then arrange the cargo, will bring food and pet drinking fountains on cat food for you daily cargo, convenient to the new home as soon as possible to adapt to the environment. If you pay the deposit, in the case of no accident in the case of the cat, you regret about not, the deposit and other money is not refundable.

Ⅳ、Requirements - after sale
1、New parents for the first time to raise CFA bred cats, will provide free feeding methods and free medical consultation.
2、Please all new parents on time of vaccination and into the cat, we use the vaccine is a cat with Schering plough triple, worming German, in vitro anthelmintic used is fulaien.
3、You will receive a US CFA lineage certificate that we send you in 1 months.(Specific certificate of time by the United States CFA Association)。
4、If all new parents do not know where to buy baby daily needs, we will help recommend professional buy site, or you can buy items in our cattery to help you with the purchase price, in accordance with the standard purchase price calculation.
5、The purchase of both male and female cats in 13 months after breeding.
6、All the young cats in vivo anthelmintic time eighth weeks after birth, the vaccination of insect.
7、All the young cats were vaccinated at ninth weeks after birth to the first needle, 25 days after the inoculation of second needles, after a week of observation, to ensure that the full health after the new home, and then each year a needle can be vaccinated.
8、All the time for vaccination of all adult cats is one month before the last one, such as a cat in December 2015, and the time of vaccination should be in November 2016.
9、All the parents in Liaoning Province, can apply for safe and efficient air transport services.
10、Parents in Shenyang and Liaoning Province, the purchase of a cat, please go home baby.

Ⅴ、Cattery Commitment
JiYun cattery all cats are the United States CFA registered cat, have CFA certificate of origin of exotic shorthair. Therefore, the sale of young cats have CFA birth certificate, can handle CFA lineage certificate
Cats to all the sale of cat life warranty, the specific provisions of the purchase of cat contracts are indicated.
Before the cat to the new home, parents have the right to ask to have qualified pet hospital for medical examination, if it is outside the parents, but also in 24 hours after receiving the cat to the local qualified pet hospital for medical examination. Inspection fee by the parent, if found out the problem, the cost borne by the cat and can choose a full refund or change in the cat.
Cats in the new home before the accident, resulting in no time to make a cat, such as sick, parents have the right to choose a full refund or replacement of healthy cats, in the process of air transport, the cat was accidentally killed, the cat is responsible for the responsibility, parents have the right to choose a full refund or more for healthy cats.
Because the pet for special industries, so need to pay the full amount in the cat, the cat can choose to purchase payment by bank card transfer, transfer, micro channel transfer etc.

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